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Information following our meeting on Tuesday night 9/8/2022
(Includes a link below to the webinar 7am Friday morning 12th August 2022)

Further to the RCSV discussion Tuesday night, I have decided to send out some information for members not present and to suggest a procees to conduct a ballot of our RCSV members. We had limited discussion on the voting process, so I have summarised the information contained in the links below and suggest the following:

  1. The timeframe for the vote of our members is set by the notification to the club president. Club presidents will be advised 15 days before the ballot opening for the President to cast the club's vote. It will be a confidential vote, open for 15 days. This gives clubs 30 days’ notice of the vote. Current estimate is that the vote will open around 15th September 2022.
  2. It is suggested we aim to conduct the vote of RCSV members between 14th and 21st of September. This potentially allows us 2 more meetings for members to raise any questions. NB this may be subject to a shorter timeframe if Amanda receives a notice of ballot before 15th September target date.
  3. We can use a show of hands, or a paper ballot, at a meeting to vote (under our rules), but that only allows those in attendance to vote. An option is to conduct a secret ballot of members via SURVEY MONKEY which will be anonymous. I.e. it is not possible to view how a voter has cast their vote – however it does list who has/has not voted, so we can send a reminder to vote out. The vote will be emailed out to you.
  4. The process and timeframes will be discussed at the next Board meeting and further advice if necessary will be sent out to you.
Some quick links to further information
Upcoming Webinar 


You’re invited to attend an information session about the future of Rotary in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands on Friday 12th August at 7.00am.

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Friday 12 August - morning

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