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Samford Valley
CWA Hall
31 Main St
Samford Village , QLD 4520
Fellow members 
Rotary is discussing changes to the structure of Rotary in our region. A team has been working for some time to establish a pilot to support our clubs to explore, develop and test a new model of governing and operating. Proposals are being put forward for the consideration of Branch members. Clubs are to Vote in September on Regionalisation (in about 5 Weeks time). The voting process is a collegiate vote - branch members vote on the proposals and the President of each club casts the club vote.
It is the intention of our club Board that members be given sufficient time at our meetings to discuss regionalisation. There will be further information at our meeting on Tuesday 9th August 6.30 for a 7pm start. This will be a 
More information can be found here:
Darryl Honor
Rotary Club of Samford Valley