The Rotary Club of Samford Valley celebrated 40 years of activity in Samford Valley in October 2020.
When one looks around our community, it is likely that most residents would not know that this great community service organisation came into being over 40 years ago, courtesy of its "mother" club Mitchelton Rotary.
The list of more than 50 local and international projects and programmes that the club has either delivered or been active in establishing over this time are indeed very impressive.
The Community Kindergarten, CWA hall, Rural Fire Brigade Station, Rotary Station (John Scott Park), Rotary Undambi Reserve play and picnic infrastructure (Mt Oreilly Rd), school Earlyact and Interact clubs, bus shelter (Mt Glorious Rd, Samford Village), Showground facilities, Wights Mountain Bora Ring, Samford Community Centre, School, Camp Mountain Rail Crash site and Community Pool to name a few.

The club conducts a number of regular activities and organises or participates in various projects to help both our own community and other communities around Australia or internationally. 

A list of activities and projects will be updated and loaded onto this site over the next few months. If you would like to be involved in any of the activities or projects please email, text or phone us.We welcome people who share our community service ideals.